Online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Analytics and Management

What are the program
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What are the program start dates?

Spring 2024

January 8

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May 6

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Learn to Use Technology-Based Solutions and Analytics to Solve Engagement Issues and Meet Your Goals

Research shows that companies throughout the U.S. are turning to their HR departments to solve organizational challenges and meet new goals, but current HR professionals don’t have the skills in technology or analytics to solve them.

The Online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Analytics and Management at American University is aligned to with the SHRM HR Curriculum Guidebook for graduate education. You will learn to apply technology to HR processes, monitor and impact employee engagement, and enhance business decision-making through metrics and critical evaluation.

Program Objectives

Create a Thriving Work Culture Through Data

Shape the future of the HR industry by successfully pairing new technologies with the necessary implementation methods. Complete the online graduate certificate able to:


Improve HR Initiatives

Make informed strategic management decisions by effectively integrating technology within the HR context.


Increase Workplace Performance

Learn how to evaluate performance and processes to enhance organizational productivity.

Program Rankings

Building Expertise and Networks

Our practical online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Analytics and Management ensures you build real-world experience and your professional network to serve you after graduation.


Experienced, Prestigious Faculty

Proven practitioners share their expertise in technology, conflict resolution, employment law, cultural communications, and ethics to expand your skillset and offer immediate solutions to your current HR challenges.


SHRM-Aligned Curriculum

Our graduate certificate holds SHRM approval and recognition, as it adheres to the curriculum guidelines set by SHRM for graduate education.


Skill for 21st-Century HR

Discover the power of data analytics in enhancing engagement, program invitations, decision-making, and more through specialized, experiential, and data-driven programs designed to meet current industry needs.

A Top-Ranked Online MS

AU was recognized by Princeton Review, Best Colleges 2022, with the title of College Gets High Marks. 

Admission to American University’s Online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Analytics and Management requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.

Applicants will need to submit the following:

*The application fee is typically waived if the application file is complete within a three-week period.

Study in a Career-Based Curriculum

Geared for long-term career success, our curriculum gives you the tools to enhance and advance your HR career. As a SHRM-approved program, it equips you with valuable content, competencies, and critical thinking opportunities to make significant contributions to your workplace and positively impact its employees.

Upon completion, you will have honed and demonstrated proficient skills in communication, teamwork, ethical decision-making, innovation, as well as the evaluation and utilization of emerging technologies.

Success in the workplace requires more than possessing relevant knowledge. You must also know how to communicate your ideas, work with teams, make ethical decisions, think critically, and demonstrate cross-cultural competence.

To ensure critical knowledge and experience are attained through the curriculum, AU developed the Professional Studies Experience — a four-phase curriculum model that meets specific guidelines in each phase.

  • Core Courses: Complete critical HR coursework with a cohort of students from a variety of backgrounds to gain the knowledge today’s employers have deemed most important.
  • Practicum/Professional Experience: Gain real-world evaluation and data collection skills as you design and carry out evaluations.
  • Electives: Take one program-specific elective tailored to your industry and career goals.
  • Capstone: Harness what you’ve learned throughout your program to produce a capstone project.

With the knowledge and skills gained in this holistic curriculum, you’ll stand out as a professional with the complete skill set employers are looking for.

In creating the online Master’s in Human Resource Analytics and Management curriculum, , American University relied on the expertise of an Advisory Council of HR executives across the U.S. They identified serious gaps between today’s workforce, current HR degree programs, and the rapidly changing direction of the industry. To prepare future HR leaders to excel in their roles, the Online Certificate was designed specifically according to the HR advisory board’s direction to expand capabilities. They noted that HR experts with this advanced skillset design stronger HR initiatives, improve employee engagement, and create successful strategies.

To prepare future HR leaders to excel in their roles, the online MSHRAM degree was designed specifically according to the HR advisory board’s direction to expand human resources’ skills across complex issues alongside technological abilities and analytical understanding. They noted that HR experts with this advanced skillset design stronger HR initiatives, improve employee engagement and create successful strategies.

The HR advisory council for American University’s MSHRAM program comprises leading HR experts.

Upon completion of your Online Graduate Certificate, you’ll be comfortable using HR analytics and technologies to direct the development of programs. When you interview, you’ll be ready to talk about how you can:

  • Develop stronger HR programs because you understand how employees process information and make decisions when using interactive HR portals. You’ve had cutting-edge courses in design thinking and evaluation sciences.
  • Design engaging online initiativesand improve current services using emergent HR technologies.
  • Enhance HR plan development with improved implementation, measurement, and evaluation of plans.

At the epicenter of impact, AU’s Washington, D.C. location leverages the proximity of the thriving business, non-profit, NGO and government sectors so the leaders of today can train the leaders of tomorrow. Partnering with key organizations in the region and around the globe, we’re able to better the human condition, learn from a vast array of experiences, model purposeful leadership and address society’s current and emerging challenges.

The DC Experience (DCX), an optional on-campus residency, gives you the opportunity to connect with the campus and explore the unique cultural landscape in the nation’s capital. You’ll also immerse yourself in the AU community, enhance your relationships with faculty and other online graduate students, and meet with guest speakers from the evaluation field.

The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) has recognized American University’s Online Graduate Certificate Program for offering a curriculum aligned with SHRM-graduate-education guidelines.

The program’s rigorous coursework integrates the most up-to-date research, incorporating HR best practices to illustrate how HR professionals can contribute to organizational goals.

“This recognition by SHRM that we are an academically aligned program with their high standards is wonderful. Our program offers classes that really integrate the key HR competencies, such as Ethical Practice, Business Acumen, Relationship Management, Critical Evaluation, Global and Cultural Effectiveness, Consultation and Communication. Our program provides career support and even on-campus immersion events to support and enhance your learning experience.”

— Dr. Robert Stokes, faculty in the Human Resource Analytics and Management program.

American University has partnered with SHRM to offer two non-credit professional development courses:

  • Learning Certification Preparation for the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP
  • Essentials of Human Resources

American University offers an Online Master of Science in Human Resource Analytics and Management for those who want to transition their career to an HR role or advance their current HR career to a leadership position.

The ten-course, 30-credit program is offered entirely online — you can complete it when and where it’s most convenient for you. If you decide to pursue the online MS in Human Resource Analytics and Management you’ll use the 12 credits earned in the certificate toward the degree. This means you can complete your master’s degree online within a year with just 18 more credits. You’ll be able to apply what you’re learning immediately to your role to quicken the pace of your career.

Course Descriptions

The online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource and Data Analytic Management consists of four courses that are each eight weeks long.

Core Courses — 3 Credit Hours Each

This course will explore the breadth and depth as well as the application of human resource management information systems (HRIS). The Systems Development Life Cycle will provide a framework for this introductory course in the Human Resource Analytics and Management graduate program. Human resource management has become a technology-based profession providing a more strategic, data driven contribution to the organization. The HR profession through HRIS and analytics can increase efficiency, effectiveness, and impact in the performance of individuals, teams, and the organization. This course uses a summative project approach that allows students to understand the importance of logic, analytics, measurements, process improvement, and business consulting to realize the potential that HRIS and technological solutions offer.

Sample topics of discussion and examination include:

  • Resistance to change in HR processes
  • Technology and talent management
  • Effective performance management

Examples of assignments and projects include:

  • Creating a project proposal that includes plans to conduct an interview with the HR Director at an organization of your choice.
  • Creating a gap analysis that addresses both your organization’s current and future states to identify appropriate action steps that bridge the gap.

Course Outcomes:

Outcomes reflect the knowledge, skills, and attitudes a learner should have upon completing this course.


  • Describe HRIS from a system and operational/activity level.
  • Identify challenges and limitations in implementing an HRIS.


  • Analyze the need for an HRIS.
  • Develop interview and consulting techniques in collecting needed stakeholder information to effectively plan.
  • Develop a phased plan for implementing an HRIS over time.


  • Appreciate the strategic complexities and intricacies of an
  • Value the impact on organizational change and the business objectives of implementing or changing an HRIS.

When high-level executives ask the HR team to start measuring the department’s performance, some HR staffers scramble to figure out what they should measure. Measurement just for the sake of providing statistics is never a good idea. At the very core of HR management is an understanding and working knowledge of metrics related to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees based on job analysis and job specification. Determining what metrics to measure and report will depend on an organization’s strategy and goals. Implementing an HR reporting system should be carefully planned. Focus should be on the metrics that affect progress toward business goals. This course focuses on assessing what data is meaningful, determining how to measure them and choosing appropriate communication methods.

Sample topics of discussion and examination include:

  • Analyzing the benefits and challenges of benchmarking
  • Using intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to motivate and engage employees

Examples of assignments and projects include:

  • Crafting a retention metrics plan.
  • Creating a talent management metrics plan with a group of other students.

Course outcomes:

Outcomes reflect the knowledge, skills, and attitudes a learner should have upon completing this course.


  • Explain the importance of benchmarking using historical, internal and external
  • Describe the strategic alignment of employees and teams to organizational goals.
  • Discuss the implications and use of various metrics including retention, employee engagement and productivity.


  • Analyze and interpret dashboards that display employee metrics.
  • Develop a talent management plan and metrics chart that aligns with organizational goals.
  • Choose the best metrics for an organization’s current needs and strategy, from a variety of metrics and KPIs.


  • Appreciate the wide variety of employee metrics and their meanings and uses.
  • Value the impact of visually presenting data in different formats.
  • Advocate for evidence-based decision making.

This course will explore workplace culture, legal requirements and what metrics must be maintained by HR for regulatory compliance to use to inspire behavior change. Once the workplace metrics have been analyzed the student will be prepared to implement corrective actions, including, but not limited to both deploying compliance training and safeguards within human resources information management systems (HRIS). It will examine both ethics and legal compliance issues and how to meet the needs of diverse internal and external audiences. The course will include both evaluations of investigations and workplace training initiatives. In doing so, students will focus on the legal requirements, define the method, and then evaluate the delivery and make an overall assessment of the approach.

Sample topics of discussion and examination include:

  • Evaluating proof issues related to disparate treatment and disparate impact claims
  • Best practices for internal and external investigations related to wage practices, harassment, retaliation, and workplace discrimination
  • The impact of retention analytics on business outcomes

Examples of assignments and projects include:

  • Address a case study involving an employee complaint.
  • Prepare a project plan for an analytics solution to an HR case.

Course outcomes:

Outcomes reflect the knowledge, skills, and attitudes a learner should have upon completing this course.


  • Discuss the importance and background of compliance
  • Describe mitigating risk and compliance in light of various laws applicable to human resources and employment.
  • Discuss creating a culture of
  • Understand employment laws applicable to human resources.


  • Analyze factual scenarios that give rise to risks and apply applicable employment laws to mitigate those risks.
  • Evaluate a model for organizational governance and compliance


  • Influence management the in top-down support in compliance and risk reduction.
  • Value the impact of risk management and compliance on the organization.

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize data analytics for decision-making with a focus on equitable data practices. The course explores a range of topics related to data analytics, including data cleaning, data transformation, statistical analysis, data visualization and storytelling, and data-based decision-making. To improve organizational quality and overall efficiency, students learn how to analyze data using quantitative research methods with a value-added approach, use various analytic tools such as Excel, Tableau, and Power BI, create and interpret data visualizations, use predictive analytics to identify trends and patterns, and communicate findings to stakeholders. The course focuses on the practical application of data analytics in decision-making, with an emphasis on real-world examples, and students work on projects that involve analyzing data sets to make decisions in various contexts. 


  • Examine the importance of data and analytics for organizational decision-making.
  • Recognize how a value-added approach to quantitative research can be applied to understanding data.
  • Differentiate between primary and secondary data types, quantitative and qualitative data types, and various research methods that are appropriate for the data type.


  • Apply a value-added approach to analyze data in a research project. 
  • Analyze data to inform decisions and improve organizational quality and efficiency.
  • Design and structure reports and dashboards to effectively communicate data-driven insights to stakeholders.
  • Summarize and communicate findings to stakeholders.


  • Appreciate the ideas and considerations around data equity.
  • Appreciate the use of contextualization and the role of the researcher as it relates to data analysis using a value-added approach.

Use Advanced HR Skills to Help Meet Company Goals.

Successful HR professionals rely on new technologies to improve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) efforts, standardize job titles, use performance reviews and goal setting effectively, award raises, track important trends, and contribute toward positive organizational growth.


Surveys on human capital trends in 2020 and 2021 report that companies consistently lack professionals who know how to make that happen.

  • 70% of global employers say they can’t find candidates with the right mix of technical skills and human capabilities.1
  • 71% of organizations say governing changing workforce strategies is needed, but only 8% say they are very ready to address this trend.2
  • 80% of respondents in our executive focus groups said leadership readiness will be the biggest internal barrier to their ability to achieve their future strategies.1

HR Leadership Roles And Their Growth Rates

The advanced skills you’ll learn in the Online Graduate Certificate in HR Analytics and Management position you to lead HR initiatives with evidence-based decision-making and technology skills. By the time you complete the program, you’re positioned for roles with faster-than-average growth rates between 2021 and 2031.

  • Human Resource Managers3

    [Job Growth Icon] 7% Growth
  • HR Management Analyst4
    [Job Growth Icon] 11% Growth
  • Top Executives5
    [Job Growth Icon] 6% Growth
  • Training and Development Managers6
    [Job Growth Icon] 7%

Career Services

American University’s Career Center offers its services to online and on-campus students as well as to alumni, so you’ll continue to receive support for as long as you need it. This means you’ll have access to resources for your job search, career advising, internships, and scholarships. You can also network, look for jobs, and apply for positions by making an account at AU Career Web, our online career search tool.

The Office of Professional Studies offers career development workshops, and continuing education through industry-specific webinars with practitioners who discuss emerging trends in their fields. Our program directors, who are academic practitioners, act as mentors to current students and alumni alike.

Alumni Employers

As passionate change-makers, our alumni are responsible for using their skills to make an impact. You can join an incredible set of AU alumni who work in diverse roles across sectors and organizations.

  • Adobe
  • Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Compass Strategy Solutions
  • Conestoga Wood
  • Cox Media Group
  • Dollar Tree
  • Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
  • Holman Logistics
  • Inova Health Sytems
  • IRS
  • Kindred at Home
  • Koch Industries
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Louis Vitton
  • McCormick Paints
  • Milwaukee Tools
  • Peloton Interactive
  • Postal Regulatory Commission
  • Postscript
  • Raytheon
  • Save the Children
  • The Vanguard Group
  • Trinity Health
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Navy
  • WireWheel

Learning Online

American University welcomes its online students as a part of its community. As an online student, you’ll learn from the same outstanding faculty and be held to the same learning standards as students who attend courses on campus. On-campus and online programs deliver the same outcomes, and important support systems, like career resources, are set up for online learners as well. The only difference is you’re allowed to learn when and where it’s best for you so you can earn your degree and advance your career without putting the rest of your career and life on hold.

We Bring AU to You

Our digital campus was intentionally designed based on extensive research behind what makes online learning successful. We combine advanced technology, hands-on experiences, and full access to the American University community. Here, you’re not an online student, you’re an AU student.

Rigorous Courses

Online courses are as challenging as their on-campus counterparts and taught by industry experts.

100% Support

New-student orientation, 24/7 help desk for technical issues, a student services coordinator, financial aid advisers, and more are all available to ensure your success.

Expert Faculty

Home to some of the most acclaimed scholars and thought leaders in the world, you’ll learn from award-winning scholars and policymakers, diplomats, authors, artists, attorneys, scientists, journalists, and more.

Collaborative Learning

Use virtual tools to analyze and discuss coursework, work in teams with classmates, network with other sports industry professionals, and engage with your professor to leverage their experience.

Military Education Benefits

American University is dedicated to supporting military service members, veterans, and their families.

As a student in the online Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Analytics and Management program, you can transform your military experience and leadership skills into new career possibilities as you earn your degree regardless of where you live or are stationed.

We support a full range of military education benefits such as:

Additionally, if you’ve served in any branch of the U.S. military on active duty within the past three years, you are eligible for an application fee waiver. We accept transfer credits from military coursework, have a dedicated Office of Veterans Services to help connect you to benefits, and maintain an active Veterans Services Support Network.

We welcome you to learn more about our military benefits and how to apply for them.

Take Your First Step Today

Become an American University student. A passion for public service, an emphasis on active leadership, and a global outlook are the hallmarks of the American University learning experience. We create graduates who stand out from their peers as active, socially aware, and compassionate leaders who work toward creating meaningful change in our world.

Join Us.

To learn more about American University’s Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Analytics and Management program, request more information, request an appointment, or call us toll-free at 855-725-7614.

Program FAQs

The Online Graduate Certificate in HR Analytics and Management was developed under the guidance of expert HR professionals in direct response to a critical skill-shortage of current professionals with the rapid technology changes in the industry. It offers the direct knowledge and experience you need in emergent HR technologies, analytics, decision and design sciences, and advanced HR concepts to answer high-level HR questions, solve current challenges, and advance organizational growth and your career.

Admission requirements for the Online Graduate Certificate in HR Analytics and Management program include a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Applicants will need to submit the following:

*The application fee is typically waived if the application file is complete within three weeks.

A TOEFL score of 600 (or 100 on the internet-based test), a minimum score of 68 on the Pearson Test of English, or a minimum IELTS score of seven (7) is required. Additionally, applicants with international transcripts must have them evaluated course by course. For a list of acceptable evaluators, go to

Applicants will complete a phone interview with the program director and will need to submit:

No human resource experience is required for admission to the program; however, this program is geared toward those with prior professional experience.

The Online Graduate Certificate in HR Analytics and Management program can be completed in 12-15 months at a full-time pace of two courses each semester. Taking more than two courses per semester is not recommended due to the rigor of the

No, there are no specializations offered, but courses cover the traditional HR functions as well as competencies that cut across all HR functions.

Although the Graduate Certificate in HR Analytics and Management program does not require the GRE, students with a GPA below 3.0 are encouraged to take the GRE for further evaluation. LSAT scores can also be evaluated in place of the GRE.

Our application deadline varies based on the term you are applying for. Please contact us for more information.

American University does not accept transfer credits for graduate certificate programs.

Our fall semester starts in late August. The spring semester starts in January. The summer session begins in May.

Financial aid is not available for graduate certificate programs. Graduate students enrolled at least part-time in a graduate program may be eligible for federal loans. To apply, students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our FAFSA number is 001434.

No. The program is exclusively offered online. There will be opportunities for the learners to meet each other face-to-face but they are all optional.

If you decide to pursue the Online MS in Human Resources Analytics and Management after completing the certificate program, you can apply the 12 credits toward the full degree.

Yes, online students can easily request a Student ID online to take advantage of all the same resources as our on-campus students.

The Society for Human Resource Management confirms the curriculum taught for the Online Graduate Certificate in HR Analytics and Management aligns with the recommended requirements for the HR degree programs as outlined in the SHRM HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates for graduate education.

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Home to some of the most acclaimed scholars and thought leaders in the world.


Home to some of the most acclaimed scholars and thought leaders in the world.


Home to some of the most acclaimed scholars and thought leaders in the world.


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